some more crappy poetry for suicide..

at the worlds last resort,
unearthly, the eternal shore
as I laid, I said to myself
I’ve been here before

upon my feet, with so much effort
I turned my back against the world
and looked below, as I looked below
I took a leap and then I felt no more

all the faces smiled and melt
all the faces that I knew and that I know
all the faces smiled and melt
as they have never done before

I checked my heart as I took it apart,
I checked my heart that I felt a second ago
it beat for another,and a beat so slow
and then I loved no more

horizon uncovered a great white light
and then a sun shone before the shore
a sun that never had shone before
and in that light I adored my woe

under a benign sun, in my last repose
I held in my hand, the heart I once bore
and then I smiled for the joy and woe..
I smiled, as I am to bear it no more


7 thoughts on “some more crappy poetry for suicide..

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  1. How can someone write so deep that it pulls the reader right into it! The feelings and emotions you had while writing it, it’s amazing how beautifully you put into words.
    bless you brother! ๐Ÿ™‚

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