The promise of the night..

Peak over the clouds, rays and hues,
thru the morning breeze
the ripple of the rivers and seas

simulated azure, devoid of cloud white
overwhelmingly blue
burns just a shade too bright..

..For my eyes, my ears
happy birds filling with chirp
yet, I still leer.. the reflecting rivers, reflecting seas
,bathing grass blades..
I do miss the shade

Angry child’s drifting tears, fake cheers
I prick up my ears
to the drone of the twilight..

..making way for her to come
her musical hum, my hearts strum
and the promise of the night

I welcome her, draping dark cloth
, covering me with glory and grace
not with the after taste of the day

I lie content,
neither asleep nor awake
basking in the love we make


41 thoughts on “The promise of the night..

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      1. So you’re facing the Writer’s block, i guess… It happened with me too, but you can’t abandon your blog, how bad it must be feeling. You have a responsibility towards it and we, your readers. Just try picking up the pen, and write whatever you think! It will work out… 😊😊

      1. Oh no no no….it’s not shit… You write wonderful poems.. Please, Don’t say such things about your writings… I feel bad…
        And don’t worry! I ain’t gotta get depressed, I am full of life!!!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

      2. No you can’t! You love me too much for that bhai..😝 and I did read it, but I didn’t understand some lines….so, didn’t comment… Sorry! πŸ™‰

      3. “my heart, the open stream
        and it’s running out of dreams
        they’re reflected in the blade
        and I’ll smile at it’s cold glare.” I couldn’t understand the meaning… No worries!! I do that too sometimes.. 😊 And you’re dear to me too!!!😊❀

      4. It means this guy is feeling like his heart is open and has run out of all dreams…so there’s nothing more to dream about..and when he looks at the razor blade what he sees is the reflection of fragments of his once lost dreams ..and then he smiles at the blade cos he’s about to slit his wrist and the broken dreams won’t matter anymore πŸ˜‹ hope u like it babes

      5. Okay….this has much depth in it than I thought…. It is wonderful!! And after knowing the meaning, it makes much more sense now… And Yes! I did like it very much!!!😊😊❀

      6. I’m happy to hear that!!!!! Wish you success and love and I pray you both live together happily!!!! 😊😊😘

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