Had I the gift of singing I would sing the most beautiful song for u baby or if I could draw like you I’d draw for u..but I being the good for nothing clumsy bear I am, only could put together words for u and I hope it will make you happy.

Many many happy returns of the day chaos..you are my life..and my happiness is the only gift I can give u cause I know u wouldn’t want anything as much..and few poor words I put together for you…

I love you..

Sleepless nights were few

And growing still fewer

Days in their liue 

Were getting terribly slower,

But the light had strange hue

Only hope could deliver.

Only if you knew

My bright morning flower.

The joy that is in drops of dew

Or bright April showers 

All of which I believe

Are parts of you for me to discover.

The morning sun is your due

My Star-Crossed lover

The gifts the mornings give 

Will be for now and forever

Among the falling leaves 

Under the leafy Bowers

Under nones inquisitive view

Into the wide rivers

Beyond the point of retrieve

I’ll be your solemn follower

I’ll hold you, I vow

If I see you shiver..


31 thoughts on “Happy B’day My Love

Add yours

  1. This was the best birthday surprise ever! I wasn’t expecting anything at all.. thank you so much!!!! You’ve made this my best birthday! Much love!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•

      1. May be I should stop worrying about her. Happy to know she’s fine. I felt bad she didn’t reply on her birthday and for other reasons too. Take care.

      2. Don’t be sad cos she didn’t reply jeni..she doesn’t like to get attached to ppl and doesn’t like it when ppl get attached to her. if u keep some distance she will always talk to u. Hope ur ok too.

  2. Ah I’m late here😒…but the poem is really amazing. You’re not clumsy bro…cause to make an amazing poem surely needs a lot of feelings and energy…I know that cause I suck at poemsπŸ˜…
    Bro, I’m glad that this poem made Choas’s bday special. She is happy and that’s giving peace to me. One last thing to request you as a lil’ sis….BRING CHAOS BACK ON WORDPRESS 😒😒😒

  3. How’s she? I hope she’s fine. I just now read her post which made me both happy and sad as well. I’m really sorry. Wishing you both happiness. Thank you for everything. I won’t be commenting on ur blog and hers as well. I hope only the happy memories stay. I promise ..to stay away. Tel her not to lose the hope. She will definitely find the friend of her kind. Bye. Take care.

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